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Instant Reply.

As a business owner, take action from customers' testimonials.

Environmentally Friendly Solution.

Reduce your business's carbon footprint.

Manage Traffic.

Provides load balancing in terms of customers to staffs ratio.


Variety of desired languages for daily operations.

Know Who’s Coming.

Be informed who's coming even before they arrive.

Increase In Revenue.

Increase revenue and enjoy Quantum Leap's growing network of users.

Stop Wasting Money On Marketing.

Free marketing courtesy of Quantum Leap.

Not Forgetting Your Walk-In Customers.

Never neglect your walk-in customers.

Data Analytics.

Data is the new gold in businesses of today.


Full automation and tailored specific to your business needs.

Customers Can Notify If They Are Late.

Customers can inform service providers if they are not on time for the appointment.

Customers Can Make Bookings.

Not only immediate queue, but make appointments too!

Customers Can Access Their Past Leap Histories.

Ability to access Leap histories for future references.

Customers Will Come To You.

Google Maps and Apple Maps enabled.