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Quantum Leap's Queue Management System (QMS)

1) QMS Consumer App

Quantum Leap QMS consumer app is for your customers to book queue tickets remotely to your business establishments for services.

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2) QMS Walk-In Tablet App

Your business will have walk-in customers, who do not know about the mobile consumer app. To combat this, set up a tablet near the entrance of your establishment to cater for them.

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3) QMS Business Web Dashboard

Quantum Leap Business Web Dashboard is a fully automated online queue management system, where your representatives can offer customers personalized experience.

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4) QMS TV App

Similar to the tablet app, this TV app will display called/booked tickets and display information on a television screen at your site.

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5) QMS Analytics App

With the Analytics app, businesses can monitor staff performance in real-time and recieve customers' feedback, which will improve efficiency and maximize customers' satisfaction.

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6) Essential Add-ons

Printers and Apple TV or Android TV. These are optional, and not a must to run Quantum Leap in your establishment, but they do enhance the entire harmonious experience.

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About Us

We are on a mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to be more productive and more efficient through our digitalised solution. On average, you waste six months of your life standing in queues. Quantum Leap solves this problem by helping users to queue in advance or avoid queues altogether. The app acts as a directory for all services that require you to take a ticket and wait in a queue to be served. It offers a smart mobile solution that improves traffic flow and provides people ‘a quality time’ by letting them enter the queue from remote locations.


Quantum Leap is revolutionary in its ability to access thousands of different organisations that utilise this queuing system. The application assists you, whether you are a business or a customer, giving you an invaluable tool that will help eliminate wasted time and ultimately increase efficiency and productivity. We want you to get the most out of your day, saving you time by eradicating irritating and unnecessary waiting. At the same time we also want to help businesses and service providers to improve overall customer experience.


We are engineered with Deep Learning as well as Geofencing technologies to solve the most common daily problem for everyone: long waiting time. The application that we have created to achieve our objectives is simple, yet extraordinarily powerful. As well as saving customers’ time, it gives businesses the ability to easily monitor their visitors and use the results to improve their service. We hope that Quantum Leap will make a serious contribution to removing one of life’s most frustrating situations: the need to waste time standing around in queues. We will be able to assist you to reclaim all those wasted hours. Imagine what would you become today?



Please join us!

We are a fairly small team but flexible and enthusiastic engineers that desire to make the world a better place. If you share the same passion with us, do send us your resume and portfolio today. For pricing enquiries, do call us for fastest response at any hour of the day (we might still be coding at late hours powered by coffee).