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We are a business for the new economy, centered in sustainability, thriving on collaboration, and backed by powerhouse creativity. Soon available at establishments across Malaysia. Never wait for services ever again, simply: download Quantum Leap, select services, and skip the queue when you arrive in style through 3 simple clicks!



STEP 1: Select Service

You will be able to access queue information or make appointments for a huge selection of service providers around you.

STEP 2: Remotely Engage

Get your queue number or schedule an appointment from wherever you are!

STEP 3: Get Attended

Quantum Leap can estimate how long you will have to wait before being served so you can do the things you love most!


Quantum Leap is the world’s leading cloud-based Queue Management System and Appointment Booking System as well as it is completely FREE. See how it can help your business today specifically fabricated for these following industries:




Arrive in style ahead of the queue especially when making appointments to see the loan officer, or queue remotely to make over the counter withdrawals. We provide an effortless way for customers to access the services they need.


Students are better served with our convenient queue management system and appointment scheduling app that turns your campus (bursary or registration centre) more efficient, saving time and improving the campus experience.

Food & Beverage

Up to 92% of transactions that begin with online inquiries are completed in store. Thus, your customers can make table reservations in advance and also provide special requests (birthday surprise preparations) in advance.

Government Agencies

From the tax office to the permits office, Quantum Leap is changing the way government agencies serve citizens. By improving efficiencies and reducing wait times, branches are transformed into one-stop centre destinations.


Quantum Leap Appointment Scheduling app allows healthcare providers to create tailored care management solutions to give patients high quality care, reduce the time patients spend in the waiting room, and boost efficiency among doctors and staff.

Logistics & Postal

Quantum Leap helps logistics companies improve supply chain communication to eliminate truck lines, lower costs, and increase efficiency. Instructions, work orders, and schedules can be sent directly to vehicles, so drivers can get to work right away.


With us, you can build an OmniChannel approach that provides your sales associates with valuable information about customers before they arrive. Increase customer satisfaction and gain valuable insights into your shoppers with advanced data analytics.

Telco & I.T.

Today, to compete in an increasingly mobile world, providing customers with mobile check-in grants freedom and, gives your company an edge, as well as surpasses the competition especially for blazing fast payments, enquiries and purchasing counters.


Get in the queue before you arrive. The Quantum Leap mobile app (Apple App Store and Google Play Store) allows your customers to book their tickets remotely, where your customers can now be alerted by SMS, E-mail or via the mobile app when it is their turn.


We take pride in delivering intuitive designs and engaging experiences for clients all over the world. Quantum Leap's advanced reporting tool allows you to monitor the queues in your branches and for each service as well as evaluate your agents’ performances.


You can manage, add and edit your branches, services as well as users easily from the web administrator tool with artificial intelligence that will recommend either to open or close counters for optimum productivity, elevate profits and increase efficiency.

  • Quantum Leap provides a groundbreaking insight of how we, humans of the world, would operate in the future, available today.
    JACK PHAN, President & COO of Digital Trends.
  • Featuring latest web technologies, enjoyable UX and the most beautiful design trends that propagate quality of life.
    ROGER JAMES HAMILTON, President & CEO of Talent Dynamics.