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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Quantum Leap?

Quantum Leap is a cloud-based Queue Management System (QMS) and Appointment Booking System (ABS), that provides remote booking using 'Quantum Leap Consumer App' as well as with 'Quantum Leap Walk-In Tablet App' and schedule appointments using our web app.


Can we use the system offline?

Although Quantum Leap is engineered to be fully cloud-based, and with automation that relies on the internet, we have also introduced: Ad-Hoc infrastructure network mode, to the ecosystem that would allow internal offline use during electricity blackouts for emergencies.


How many branches can I add?

This depends on your subscription plan, please refer to 'Pricing' for further details.


Is there open API for integration?

We are currently developing open Application Programming Interface (APIs), that would help to connect to current Queue Management Systems (QMS) for optimized integration. For tailored requests, please contact us.

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Can move tickets to other services?

Yes, from 'Tickets' screen, the agent has transfer option, where the list of available and transferable services will be available for selection beside the list of users.


Can I use Quantum Leap internally?

You can hide your services from the internet. To do so, just go to 'Branches', then 'Edit Branches' and finally, click on deactivate 'Show On Mobile'.


Network ports for Quantum Leap?

Quantum Leap system ports for all services are: Port 80 and Port 443.


Unable to book tickets?

Please make sure you have granted access to 'Location' services on your devices' settings. When you first open Quantum Leap, a pop up will appear requesting to allow access to your location, please just click allow to fully enjoy the benefits of this app.


Will users get notified on their turn?

In case the user booked through our mobile app, an indicator of the remaining time will be available on the application, and the user will be notified 30 minutes ahead from his turn and again when it is his turn.